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Get Paid to Read Email [Feb. 8th, 2005|03:41 pm]
Get Paid to take Surveys!


Get 10 dollars for joining. It's free!


From: vic__toria
2005-04-21 08:48 pm (UTC)
How soon can you cash out?
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[User Picture]From: manda_kate
2005-04-21 11:29 pm (UTC)
It's actually taking me quite a while. But I do get several emails everyday and there's a paid-to-click section. It's very quick to just click on the links. I think the big way to get money is to refer people or complete the offers they have for surveys and stuff. A lot of them require you to buy things or try things out, but there's some free ones. I've had it a couple months and have about 14 dollars, only doing things that are free. Lemme know if you have any more questions. It may or may not be worth your time.
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From: vic__toria
2005-04-22 01:30 pm (UTC)
Ahh, it's okay. I like MySurvey better have recieved $50 dollars and casing out is fairly quick (you can cash out at $10 dollars). Along with PollCast. You can cash out at any amount with them. I like those types of sites where it's either quick or you can cash out at any amount. If you know of any others (as I am looking for some) lmk.
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[User Picture]From: badbruthabengal
2005-05-13 12:22 am (UTC)
Is it safe to do? Is there any chance of getting viruses at all?
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[User Picture]From: ozmopolitangal
2006-08-08 01:54 am (UTC)

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[User Picture]From: cheyennesapp
2010-12-02 06:05 pm (UTC)

really works, promise.

fastest one i think. you can do surveys for cash (usually either 50 cent or 1 dollar, some for a lot more) or "Points" but the points are dumb and get you stuff like whistles, like chuck-e-cheese stuff. but ive been paid out. you get 5 dollars for joining that you can cash out when you reach 20 dollars. usually theyve all cleared by the next morning.
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[User Picture]From: cheyennesapp
2010-12-02 06:06 pm (UTC)

Re: really works, promise.

if you do use it please use 'cheyennesapp' as your referral. i get 50c for every referral.
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